Driving Important Strategic Decisions Through Research & Analytics

anova101 provides a wide range of data analytical research and consultancy services to both academia, both government and non-government agencies as well as the business world.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose anova101

We take time to fully understand the specific client’s quantitative data needs along with their overarching functionality context to help them differentiate their services, products, support ongoing decisions as well as constantly improve quality. The user-friendly solutions provided that are routinely calibrated allows both the application and understanding of state of-the-art research based statistical and psychometric analyses of assessment data from different contexts.

Predictive modelling

We use machine learning and data mining to predict and forecast likely future outcomes for your business with the aid of historical and existing data.

Biomechanical Movement Data

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Psychometric Analysis

We measure psychometric attributes of an individual by thoroughly analyzing the test data and ensuring the quality of the test used meets the standards.

About Us

We Bring The Power Of Research & Analysis To Each Of Our Clients

anova101 is an analytic solutions provider that aspires to provide research driven, context appropriate and robust statistical and or psychometric analysis method solution(s) using existing retrospective or prospective empirical client data.

The in-depth inference drawn from the analysis empowers our clients with strategic knowledge of the association between their products’ (or services’) performance and important customer characteristics or behaviours to enable them to make informed decisions.

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Deliver Excellence
In Service And Execution

We improve the end-to-end efficiency of your business processes resulting in higher quality products nad services, better customer satisfaction and consequently higher profitability.

General Consulting

Our team combines skills and expertise in statistics, psychometrics, mathematics, and computer science to speed up and provide a complementary framework...

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Post Education Assessment Analysis for QA

It is the maintenance of a desired level of quality all types of educational assessments be they formative, summative, or professional by means of attention to...

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Automatic Item Development for Item bank development

A major innovation in psychometric science is automated item generation (AIG). AIG holds the potential to revolutionise assessments be it in education or in business...

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Credit Scoring

The credit scoring industry has a long tradition of using classical statistical methods for both short- and long-term loan default probability predictions...

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Employee Selection & Development

Deciding who to hire is full of uncertainty and risk. Relying solely on interviews, resumes, and reference checks only provides a partial picture of a potential employee...

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Our practical and comprehensive training programs give you the skills, knowledge, and confidence to well as understand the inference drawn from the statistical...

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