About Us


We Bring The Power Of Research & Analysis To Each Of Our Clients

anova101 is an analytic solutions provider that aspires to provide research driven, context appropriate and robust statistical and or psychometric analysis method solution(s) using existing retrospective or prospective empirical client data.

The in-depth inference drawn from the analysis empowers our clients with strategic knowledge of the association between their products’ (or services’) performance and important customer characteristics or behaviours to enable them to make informed decisions.

There is opportunity towards using and or integrating our “Learning Environment for Statistical and Psychometric Analysis of Measures (LESPAM)” analysis platform with their existing processes and system infrastructure.

This is with a view to improve the end-to-end efficiency of their processes that manifests as higher quality products or services, better customer satisfaction and consequently higher profitability.

Our Process

Project Definition and Specification

Depending on the specific client’s project requirements (be it an analysis consult and or an analytics solution) and the stage at which they engage our services; we first aim to understand the client’s needs and their organisation’s processes where our expertise is required. This is so that we understand the scope, specifications of the project to agree on a project plan that forms the project analysis plan to facilitate meeting and exceeding the client’s expectations.

Design and Development

A preliminary analysis and or prototype solution as defined in the project analysis plan is presented to the client for further discussion. Any recommendations are tweaked to the client’s satisfaction utilising the required expertise to meet the client’s objectives as well as adhering to strict best practice and quality assurance procedures.

Quality Control and Review

Once the client if happy with the solution, it is then initially integrated in parallel to existing processes and outputs are compared. In the case of a stand-alone analysis, this takes the form of the presentation of analysis findings, the interpretations drawn from it and recommendations. This stage provides an opportunity for training of the client’s personnel to either unpack and understand the inference drawn from the analysis or a hands-on experience of the analytics solution.


Our company policy is to maintain and strengthen the partnership with our clients. To this end we favour a partnership model as we inherently depend on each other long-term as we learn from our clients’ experiences and strive to offer state of the art analytics solutions and products.


Our Mission

Over the last two decades, methods subsumed under the terms “leveraging big data” and “AI for in-depth statistical analytics” have become indispensable for quantifying and analysing the existence and variability of the association between business products’ (or services’) performance and important customer characteristics or behaviours. Sadly, while appropriate statistical and psychometric methods are available and their advancements are often published in detail, the expertise as well as the practical and context specific implementations are often missing.

The main driving force behind the LESPAM platform is to overcome this issue i.e. to speed up and provide a complementary framework to ease the application of a both classical and advanced assessment analysis procedures in different contexts to utilise the wide dimension of product and customer data held by our clients while applying maintaining quality.


Our Vision

Our user-friendly platform that is constantly improved allows both the application and understanding of state of-the-art research based statistical and psychometric analyses of assessment data from different contexts.